Alien Abductions

Definition of an Alien Abduction- The alleged abduction of a person by an extraterrestrial being.

Who Is On A Mother-Ship?- Different kinds of alien beings. Some big, some small. Some short, some tall, and some could even be different colors.

What Is A Abductee?- This is someone who says that they have been abducted by aliens before.

What Is A Contactee?- These are people who claim to be in contact on an intellectual level with beings from other worlds or dimensions. There are many people in the world who claim to have been in contact with an alien at some point in their lives.

The Beginning Of An Abduction- Abductees often feel that an abduction is about to occur. They may begin to see strange lights in front of them or hear weird humming noises. They often feel uneasy for no reason. They will usually say "I knew it was going to happen."

When Do Abductions Happen?- Alien abductions will usually occur late at night or in the early morning hours. The person will see figures or small beings at the foot of their bed and if they try to scream, run, or yell, they will soon find that they're paralyzed, except for their eyes which they are sometimes able to move around. Even if they somehow make a sound, no one else in the house can hear it. Everyone else in the house will be "switched off" which means that their brains and central nervous systems will become disconnected. If you (the abductee) are in bed with someone else, that person will appear more dead than alive.

What Exactly Happens To You During An Abduction?- After the aliens are able to get you ready to go with them, the abductee is floated out of bed and out of their house. You are able to go through doors, walls, and often through closed glass windows. If you happen to be in your car, you will be "beamed" right up through the roof. You will ride on a beam of blue light and then you will be carried into a small craft that is just about 30 feet away. The craft will then transfer you over to a large mother-ship. After the aliens "finish with you", you will be returned to your bed. If by accident you brushed up against a tree or bush while being "beamed up" into the spacecraft, you may wake up the next morning to find pieces of leaves and branches in your hair.

What Is Some Evidence That Shows That A Person Has Been Abducted? 
  • Clothing that has been put on backwards. 
  • If you had a band-aid somewhere on your body, it may have been removed and put back on in a totally different place. 
  • Full-color images of alien faces and hands that have been left embedded inside the glass of the closed windows they passed through. 
  • Subdermal fluorescence that has been left underneath the skin of an abductee. This CANNOT be washed off.

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